Task: Students answered STAAR review questions using Infuse Learning as a platform.  After selecting a question, the teacher told the students which method of response to use, and displayed the performance data when reviewing the solution.  At the end of the session, students were given feedback on their progress.

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Reflection: Infuse Learning is a free website that serves as a remote classroom response system.  There are many great qualities about this site.  First, it is compatible with every device.  You can use tablets, phones, or laptops.  Touchscreen devices are the best because of the drawing feature I will discuss shortly.  Next, the students do not need an account.  After the teacher creates their own account, they receive a room number that the students can use to login.  This allows a very quick and easy setup to begin your session.  The next great feature of Infuse Learning is the variety of response formats.  Students can respond through multiple choice, true/false, open ended text, numbers, rankings, drawing samples, or the Likert Scale.  These methods are all convenient ways to quickly evaluate the progress of your lesson, or for students to share their ideas.  Teachers do not have to type in a question for the students to answer.  You can simply ask them a question or point to one on a handout or the projector.

The data is very useful as well.  Answers are instantly pushed to the teacher account.  The students enjoyed watching the real-time data for our STAAR review.  It provided instant feedback for both the teacher and students.  The draw response was my favorite feature.  After students completed their touch screen drawing, I could share examples with the entire class using the projector.

There are other advanced features of Infuse Learning such as quizzes and importing classes of students for frequent use, but I enjoyed the simple nature of the quick assessments.  The only problem I experienced is getting students logged out so the next class could use the same iPads.  This was easily resolved by logging out of my teacher account each class period.

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Conclusion: GCISD  is currently placing an emphasis on formative assessment.  Infuse Learning is a great tool for quick formative assessment questions that can give you instant feedback about the progress of your students.  I have used remote classroom response systems before, but the variety of methods presented by Infuse Learning takes it to a new level.  Plus, it is absolutely free!  If you lead a digital classroom and already have devices ready, there is no wasted time passing out remote controls or having to type the questions into the system.  There are times such as today where STAAR or traditional test reviews are necessary.  Pairing Infuse Learning with our Bazinga! review game made for an enjoyable lesson that allowed me to identify strengths and weaknesses for the class and individual students.  I highly recommend this site for teachers looking for a user friendly tool to gain quick feedback and other learning samples from their students on a regular basis.  For more information, check out the GCISD LEAD With Technology Blog review!



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