Task: Students created and downloaded pictures of man-made and natural slopes.  After importing them into the IPEVO Whiteboard app, students drew an overlay of the coordinate plane, and calculated the slope of the object in their image.  After successfully finding the slope of three or more real-world images, students used Pic Collage to display their work.  All presentations were emailed to the teacher for evaluation.  At the end of the class period, everyone was able to share their Pic Collages with the entire class on the projector.

wb1 wb4 wb3

wb5 wb6 wb2

Reflection: This was a simple activity that allowed the students to apply what they learned about slope this week to the real world.  It also provided them a platform to show their creativity and express their mathematical ideas.  When I began to plan the activity, I envisioned an app that would allow me to overlay an image with another picture such as a coordinate plane.  As I browsed the GCISD LEAD With Technology Blog for ideas, I came across the IPEVO Whiteboard app.  (http://gcisdleadwithtechnology.blogspot.com/2013/10/ipevo-whiteboard.html)  It was perfect!  First, no account or login information is required.  The app is free, and we did not experience any problems the entire day.  Students easily uploaded the images from their camera roll into the whiteboard.  From there, they could draw a coordinate plane and their slope calculations in a variety of colors and styles.  They could even record narration as they drew, creating a teaching experience for an audience if they desired.  The app has an eraser for mistakes, so you do not have to start over completely.  All projects saved to the camera roll of the iPad with no issues.  There are many other high-tech features to the app, but I wanted to stick to the basics today with an introductory lesson.  I was very pleased with the creativity and effort the students put into this assignment.  They worked efficiently and had few questions along the way.  Pic Collage was a great tool for the students to display their final product.  They were all familiar with the app, so I did not have to spend any time giving instructions.  I was very excited that all projects were emailed without any problems, and that the images were easy to download and evaluate.

Conclusion: The IPEVO Whiteboard is a great app for middle school students, as it allows them to inject their own thoughts and ideas into real-world images for any subject.  From a technical aspect, the app worked perfectly.  It was nice to have an iPad experience without worrying about lost work and bugs that delay student progress.  One of the objectives of LEAD 2021 is to facilitate a green movement.  This digital product is a great example of how students can demonstrate their conceptual understanding without having to use paper.  One of my biggest challenges as a math teacher will be to dramatically reduce the work my students will do on paper over the next several years in a digital environment.  I am looking forward to creating more learning opportunities such as this one to help meet this goal.  Overall, I believe this was a successful lesson.  They students enjoyed the freedom of choosing images that were meaningful to them, and I was able to evaluate their understanding of slope.  I highly recommend the IPEVO Whiteboard app to any teacher looking for a way to add information to images and pictures.  Thanks to the GCISD LEAD With Technology Blog for the great idea!


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